Counterbalanced Forklift
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The XCMG XCF2512K uses a water-cooled six-cylinder in-line turbocharged electric control diesel engine manufactured by Volvo of Sweden. The TE series automatic transmission (with manual shift) is produced by DANA America, with 4 forward and 3 reverse gears available. The speed control valve is a proportional control valve that is easy to operate. Speed and microvalve control adopt electronic control for microvalve control, making the micro control of forklift driving and beret loading more accurate. Hydraulic power steering rear axle, light, and reliable steering. The minimum circular radius is 5890mm.


The load-sensitive hydraulic system of the variable pump not only ensures fast lifting requirements during loading and unloading operations but also reduces the continuous load on the engine at the source, which is truly efficient and energy-saving. Adopting internationally famous brand products, system components are stable. The telescopic pole with a wide field of view adopts an anti-roll design with good operating performance, strong anti-roll ability, and excellent vision. High-strength forged fork. Fork with side shift distance, fork movement is driven by an oil cylinder, with a side shift distance adjustment function.

Lifting capacitykg25000
Load Centermm1200
Max lifting heightmm4000
Max lifting speedmm/s310
Traveling speedkm/h26
Mast tiltingo6/10
Engine powerkW/Nm185/1160

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