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The XCMG Excavator XE450M is an innovative and powerful addition to XCMG's lineup, representing a new product developed independently. With enhanced power, lower fuel consumption, and robust performance, it is engineered to meet diverse needs while excelling in adaptability to various terrain conditions.

The XE450M comes standard with a nailless grapple, serving multiple functions such as loading, unloading, stacking, and moving materials like scrap steel, bulk materials, and wood in iron and steel enterprises, ports, docks, railway ports, and freight yards. Additionally, the excavator offers versatility through various accessories, including a Clamshell bucket, Timber grabs, electric suction cups, and slings.

These accessories enable the XE450M to handle tasks such as picking up, loading, unloading, and sorting materials like coal, wood, metal, sawdust, and grass in different working conditions. The XCMG XE450M stands out as a comprehensive solution, providing the power and adaptability required for many applications across diverse work environments. 

Operating weight(kg)45000
Engine power(kW/rpm)222/2100
Bucket capacity(m³)1.0
Max. tractive force (kN)335
Crawler axle base (mm)4255
Track gauge (mm)2740
Crawler Shoe Width800
Max. digging height13200
Max. digging radius15400
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